Digital Passport Photos With Code

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Printed Passport Photos

You may be surprised at how good, and how competitively priced, a professionally taken passport photo can be. All our UK passport photos are printed on high quality photo paper for a crystal clear finish, but we also ensure that there’s no ‘squashed head syndrome’. As you may have noticed, photo machines often ‘squash’ your head down to make it the right size, making you look a bit… strange! At 1Click Studio in Dagenham, we compose the photo, correct the zoom, and re-position the camera as needed, so that your picture prints perfectly and is the correct size for a UK passport photo.

Passport photo

Indian Passport/ OCI Photo

At 1Click Studio we can take your Indian Passport/OCI photo and print it for you while you wait, with no appointment needed. Further we can create the Digital OCI Photo and even scan and give you the OCI digital signature while you get the passport photo done.

If you have already taken your OCI photo and are having trouble with the OCI resize of your digital photo or digital resize of your signature we can help. Scroll down! 

We offer a full guarantee that your OCI application or Indian Visa application will pass or we will rephotograph you and reprint them, free of charge. If you are looking to get your Indian Passport Photo taken instore please visit our page dedicated to this. Not only can we print your OCI photo, or Indian Passport photo, we can also Print your OCI application instore, offer you help with your OCI application forms and even resize your Indian Passport photo and signature for the oci application instore while you wait instore. For your reference, we have included some further information on the specifications required for your OCI Photo required for your OCI application form.

International Passports

Most of us know the rules we need to stick to in order for our UK passport photos to meet the strict criteria, but if you’re having international passport photos taken, remember that each country has their own standards. For example, did you know that Indian and Canadian passport photos have different requirements to those for UK passport photos? Well, we did! Here at 1Click Studio in Dagenham, we have vast experience taking international passport photos for all countries, making it easy for our clients to travel and see the world.

Baby Passport Photos

Whether it’s a trip to Spain, a relaxing beach getaway in Turkey, or even a visit to Disney world, taking your baby away for their first international holiday can be a lovely experience. Getting the passport photos? Not so much! If you’ve ever tried to take baby passport photos in one of those little booths, then you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Unfortunately, many parents find that wriggly kids and photo booths don’t mix well. So why not save yourself the agony, and come to 1Click Studio!

Visa & ID Photos

If you’re looking for a Visa or an ID photo in Dagenham, then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you need an ID for proof of age, citizenship, student status, driver status, or anything else, at 1Click Studio we’ll work with you to create your perfect picture; a picture you can be proud of. As a leading supplier of Visa and ID photos in Dagenham, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and our ability to adapt to meet your needs. It doesn’t matter what type of photo you need; we’ll compose your image in just the right way, so that you get a photograph that meets whatever criteria it needs to.

Never Miss Your Trip

At 1Click Studio we have extensive experience in taking British passport photos, so we know the rules like the backs of our hands. We guarantee that your passport application won’t be rejected for a poor photograph. This is a huge relief to our customers who may be worried about missing their trip should they encounter issues.

Enjoy It!

Whether it’s a long weekend in New York or two weeks in sunny Spain, a holiday is something to enjoy, and we should enjoy every single bit of it. And that means we should enjoy getting our passport photos taken, too! At 1Click Studio, we transform this traditionally painful and embarrassing photo experience into something you’ll love. How do we make this a positive experience? We take our time. There are a lot of rules and regulations that need to be adhered to in order for those UK passport photos to tick all the boxes, so photos should never be rushed. We use our professional and private 1Click Studio to help put our clients at ease, taking several photographs and working with you to select the very best one for your passport.

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